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About Digital Calling Cards UK

At Digital Calling Cards we believe in providing you with the best call quality calls at low rates. With us, you can be free to call virtually any country in the world without having to worry about hidden fees or poor connections. We are proud to offer what no other international calls provider does: very low costs with the highest quality of calls.

Low Cost

Compare our cheap calling prices for Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Poland, USA, Canada, Germany, France, Nigeria, Australia, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Sri Lanka - in fact anywhere and everywhere! When you consider that our prices do not include any hidden connection fees or surcharges - unlike many of our competitors - we truly are the lowest, high quality call provider in the UK.

Best Call Quality

We all know how frustrating and annoying it is to speak to someone thousands of miles away, and only hear every other word of the conversation. That is why Digital Calling Cards uses only the best destination routes, therefore providing you with the best call quality.

Full Transparency With No Connection Fee

Most international call providers will offer you a low headline rate to get your attention and your business, and then hit you with hidden charges. For example, they may advertise an international call to India from 2p per minute, but you will never get the full minutes you have paid for with your top-up. Click here to read more.

There are many ways they make hidden profit from you. One tactic is the use of the word "from" in their stated headline rate. It means that they can legally charge you more than their stated headline figure. That is why headline rates on these type of services can be so misleading.

Another common technique is to charge customers a hidden connection fee for every call they make. This can often be up to 50p, and this comes directly out of the customer's calling credit. This means less minutes available for you to make calls from your top-up credit balance.

At DCC, we promise our customers full transparency. Unlike other service providers, we do not charge you any connection fees. Ever. This means that every single penny of your top-up credit will always be used only for calling your friends and family abroad. In addition, you can also find out the exact cost of every international call - in advance - using our unique Exact Quote feature.

Every Call Destination Available in the World

No other call service out there covers such a comprehensive list of destinations as DCC. The reason is that each destination route costs money to set-up and the lack of demand makes this uneconomical to do for our competitors.

We value our service offering more than our own profitability. The easy option would be to offer call routes to just the top 10 destinations - as most other companies do. But we have decided to build a comprehensive service that covers every single country in the world. Yes, you read that correctly: a one-stop service that allows you to use your top-up credit to dial anywhere in the world.

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