Cheap Calls to Canada

Canada is the world’s second largest country, at 9,984,670 km². Of it’s 34.88 million strong population, 76.6% live in Canada’s cities and towns. It is estimated that around 82,000 Canadian-born people are living in the UK.

UK and Canada are close friends and allies, with a strong historical relationship. Canada’s culture is greatly influenced by European cultures and traditions. The two countries work together on many international initiatives, such as the G8, G20, NATO and the Commonwealth, and are the only two countries to be involved in all of those initiatives.

Canada is also one of the UK’s largest trading partners, with both Governments looking to increase business with each other. Canada currently own £1.5bn worth of assets in the UK, and the UK currently owns $987m worth of gas assets in Canada. These business links need to communicate frequently- they require a high quality, cheap international calling service to Canada. DCC offers the solution, with cheap calls to Canada from the UK.

Digital Calling Cards, based in the UK, offer cheap international calls to Canada from UK phones. Many telecom services provide cheap international calls, but at DCC, we offer the highest quality at the lowest cost. Calling Canada with DCC is quick and simple. We offer cheap calls to Canada, and every other destination across the globe. You can make cheap calls to Canada from UK landline and mobile.

Canada is a beautiful country, rich with tourist attractions, the most famous being the Niagra Falls in Ontario. Every year, thousands of tourists visit Canada to see the breathtaking sights of Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, Quebec City, Banff, Victoria, Whistler, Lake Louise and Ottowa- amongst others, every year. Whilst visiting these places, people need to stay in touch with family and friends back in the UK. DCC’s cheap international calls from UK and Canada is the ideal international dialling services for tourists and travellers to remain in touch with their loved ones.

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