Cheap Calls to Pakistan

Enjoy this service to call your friends, relatives or colleagues in Pakistan for as long as you like without worrying about the high cost. Digital Calling Cards offer unlimited cheap calls to Pakistan with cheapest international rates, combined with the highest quality.
Pakistani expatriates are one of the largest communities in Europe, and have long demanded a low cost, high quality calling service to Pakistan. Digital Calling Card is a UK based business offering cheap international calls to Pakistan from UK phones. Calling Pakistan with DCC is very simple. People from all parts and cities of Pakistan have relatives and friends in UK including all big cities like Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Multan, Faisalabad, Peshawar, Quetta and Hyderabad.
Traditionally, people in the Indian sub-continent have enjoyed very strong family ties and they like to talk and share their day to day life experiences with family members living abroad. International calling used to be very expensive a few years back, but now modern technology - coupled with high market demand of cheap international calls - has forced international calling service providers to lower their international calling rates drastically. Digital Calling Cards is one of those companies offering the cheapest international calls to Pakistan covering all major cities.
DCC offers high quality, cheap calls to Pakistan. Traditionally, cheap calls to Pakistan have always been expensive, but modern technology has made it possible for you to enjoy calls to Pakistan from UK and keep in touch with your loved ones and relatives in Pakistan.
DCC is a very cost effective way of making phone calls to Pakistan. It's so simple to take advantage of the innovative new way to make international phone calls to Pakistan that we hope to make DCC the UK's top telecoms service provider for low cost, high quality international calls.
Apart from your friends and relatives in Pakistan, you may need to contact your business contacts in Pakistan. If you need to contact a business concern in Pakistan and you do not know how to get the contact number, then you may use Google Search in order to find corporate web site or look into one of the local web directories of Pakistan. It is so simple to make business international calls to Pakistan. Dialing codes of some major cities of Pakistan are mentioned below:
City Dialing Codes City Dialing Codes
Karachi 021 Faisalabad 041
Lahore 042 Peshawar 091
Islamabad 051 Quetta 081
Multan 061 Mirpur 05827
Abbottabad 0992 Bahawalpur 062
Hyderabad 022 Jaccobabad 0772
DCC is your ultimate choice to make business or personal cheap international calls to Pakistan.

So get started now by clicking Cheap International Calls to Pakistan.

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