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If you want to make cheap calls to South Africa then the service that Digital Calling Cards provides is perfect for you. You will receive the highest quality calls at the very cheapest rates when calling South Africa from any UK mobile or landline.
The official name of South Africa is Republic of South Africa which is a federal state, comprising of a national government and nine provincial governments. There are three capitals of South Africa. Pretoria is the administrative capital where as Cape Town and Bloemfontein are Legislative and Judicial capitals respectively.
There are several hundred thousand South Africans who live in the UK. They need to keep in regular contact with their families and friends back in South Africa. DCC cheap international calling service to South Africa is an ideal service for these South Africans who are settled in UK. They can make cheap international calls to South Africa anytime they like at low rates which are within their budget.
UK is one of the major trading partners of South Africa, making up over 4% of the total exports. Mining, automobile assembly, machinery, iron and steel, fertilizers, foodstuffs, commercial ship repair, chemicals and textiles are the key industries of South Africa. RSA is the world's largest producer of platinum and chromium.
As mentioned above, UK is one of the major trading partners of South Africa. Many member of the UK business community travel and stay in South Africa and vice versa. DCC offers calls to South Africa from UK at affordable rates which suit these businessmen and businesswomen.
Many UK based companies have a presence in South Africa. Due to these strong business relations between the two countries, many UK professionals travel and stay in South Africa and their families have to call frequently to stay in touch with them. DCC cheap business calling service to South Africa is tailor made to cater to their need of frequent and cheap calling to South Africa.
Cricket is one of the most popular games in South Africa. It has long cricket relations with UK as both nations share a love of cricket. A large number of South African cricketers play county and league cricket in UK. Due to their contracts with UK counties and leagues, they have to stay for considerable periods in the UK, sometimes for an entire season. While abroad, these cricketers miss their families and naturally they need to communicate frequently. DCC is one of the UK based companies offering cheap international calling service which is ideal for South African cricketers. They can make cheap international calls to South Africa whenever they like. They can stay in touch with their friends and families back in South Africa using DCC cheap international calling rates for South Africa.
City Dialing Codes City Dialing Codes
Bloemfontein 51 Cape Town 21
Durban 31 East London 431
La Lucia 31 Welkom 57
Pretoria 12 Sasolburg 16
Uitenhage 41 Johannesburg CBD 102103
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