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Cheap calls to Jamaica - Cheap international calls from Uk

Cheap International Calls to Jamaica from UK


Cheap Calling JAM

from Inclusive of all applicable taxes pence per minute
Local time in JAM: 06:12
Make a Cheap Call to Jamaica
Make a Cheap Call to Jamaica
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Digital Calling Cards (DCC) lets you make cheap calls to Jamaica so you can talk for longer, for less, with our cheap call rates. Simply dial our Universal Access Number followed by the relevant international code (001876) and the number you would like to call.

Prices may vary for each destination number you might call, as we offer you the BEST possible rates, and not just a blended rate. Please enter your destination number below for a precise quote.


Why use DCC?

Read Details We offer two Universal Access Numbers - a cheap geographic number, or an 0800 (freephone) number for an additional 1ppm. Just THREE easy steps to make your call:
High Quality Calling   We use HIGH QUALITY routes 1. Dial the 0161 461 6677 or 0800 023 8638 from a phone you have registered on your DCC account.
No Connection Charges   No CONNECTION FEES 2. Enter your unique PIN number.
Per Second Bills   We bill PER SECOND 3. When prompted, dial 00 followed by the country code (e.g. 1876), and then the international number you wish to call.

Why use DCC?

Read Details As a customer, you can have an unique access number for each contact so you don't need to dial the long international number every time. Just TWO easy steps to make your call:
High Quality Calling   We use HIGH QUALITY routes 1. Use your Account Member's Panel to map your contact to a unique Landline Access Number, which can be used as part of any inclusive minutes you have within your mobile phone tariff.
No Connection Charges   No CONNECTION FEES 2. Call your unique Access Number for your contact, and get connected directly to your international destination, without the need to dial the long international number. Talk away!
Per Second Bills   We bill PER SECOND

UK to Jamaica Cheap Calls

Jamaica, officially known as the Commonwealth of Jamaica, is an island nation in the Greater Antilles. Jamaica is situated in the Caribbean Sea. Jamaica shares its border with Cuba, Hispaniola, Haiti, and Dominican Republic. Kingston is the capital and the largest city in Jamaica. English is the national language of Jamaica. Export goods of Jamaica are alumina, bauxite, sugar, rum, coffee, yams, beverages, chemicals, wearing apparel, and mineral fuels. export partners of Jamaica are America, Canada, Norway, the UK, and the Netherlands. Import goods of Jamaica are food and other consumer goods, industrial supplies, fuel, parts and accessories of capital goods, machinery and transport equipment, and construction materials. Jamaica tend to import goods from America, Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago, and China.

Capital City : Kingston
Population : 2,665,636
Languages : English, Jamaican Creole
Currency : Jamaican dollar
GDP(USD) : $15,070,000,000

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