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FAQs About Digital Calling Cards

The concept of the cheap international call is very common in the UK. However, Digital Calling Cards offers you that unique proposition - absolute transparency in your call costs, lowest cost international calls, and the best call quality.

We appreciate that first time users will have some questions on their minds. We have listed your most frequently asked questions here. If you have any more questions, we would love to answer them for you - simply contact DCC Support.

Q: What is Digital Calling Cards?
A: Digital Calling Cards is a top-up international call service that has been designed to combine the best call quality with the lowest calling rates, as well as covering every single destination in the world

The DCC service has no any hidden charges. No connection fees, no additional costs, nothing. You simply receive the minutes you pay for based on your top-up and the destination you choose to call.

Q: How can I use Digital Calling Cards to make high quality, cheap calls worldwide?
A: Make a top-up using PayPal or your debit or credit card. This credit will allow you to make calls to anywhere in the world. How many minutes of calling time this gives you is determined by the destination you wish to call. The cost of each destination (pence per minute) is clearly stated. That is exactly what you pay, no connection fees and no hidden costs.

Q: How can I be sure that Digital Calling Cards works and isn’t just another international call provider making empty promises?
A: We understand that you may be suspicious, as there are many operators out there with dubious practices. Not us, though. Indeed we are so confident that you will fall in love with our unique product (combining low cost with high quality) that for a limited period we are giving every single new registered user, 5 minutes of free calls available to any chosen destination(s). Why are we doing this? Because you can then try before you buy and then make that first top-up with full confidence.

Q: Does Digital Calling Cards allow cheap international calls from mobile phones?
A: Sure, it is absolutely possible to make cheap international calls using a landline, mobile phone or even a payphone. The thing to remember is that you can only use the phone you registered your DCC account with to make calls using the credit in your account as DCC uses your CLI as the unique account identifier to eradicate fraud, by preventing others from accessing your account.

Your network may charge you an additional cost to use our access number if it sits outside your call plan, however our access number is included in the cost of most call plans.

Q: From where can I find the rates for any destination country?
A: Simply select your destination from the drop down menu in the banner on the right hand side of this - and every - page. Here, you will find the call cost per minute to call any and every destination in the world.

Q: Does DCC have any registration or subscription fees?
A: No it is totally free to register an account with DCC and there will never be any registration fees. Once your account is live the only time you pay anything is when you need to top-up your account balance using paypal.

You can upgrade your membership to Premier status with a small monthly fee that is deducted from your top-up credit, allowing you to map up to 10 direct access international numbers. This means that you get 10 unique numbers to directly dial up to 10 friends and family abroad, without the need to enter the long access number every time. This is very useful if you frequently call your contacts.

Q: Why do all access numbers start with '0121'?
A: In order to keep the price of our service as low as possible we provide all our customers with geographic access numbers starting '0121' as these numbers will use your landline/mobile inclusive minutes where available. Alternatively your network will charge you at the standard geographic rate for a UK landline.

Q: When I top up my account why can I not make a payment of under £10?
A: You can top up your account by any amount you wish as long as it is a value of £10.00 and above. We incur fixed payment processing fees on all individual top up amounts we receive however we don't want to pass these fees on to our customers. Therefore amounts we receive over £10 allow us to maintain our commercial viability and keep our prices as low as possible for our customers.

Q: Which countries can I call?
A: Virtually anywhere in the world. Yes, really! Your account will allow you to use your top-up credit to call virtually destination in the world.

Q: Does Digital Calling Cards guarantee high quality international calls?
A: Indeed. We always use high quality call routes to ensure superb clarity when you are calling your loved ones.

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