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How Does Digital Calling Cards Work
Where would you like to cally?

How it Works

From Registering through to making your first call takes just a few moments and is made up of the following 3 simple steps:

Step 1 - Register your Details

You need to be a registered member to use the service. All we need from you is the telephone number(s) you will be dialling from, an email address (to confirm membership) and for you to choose a password. Once registered as a new customer you will receive 5 minutes of free calls!
Step 1 for Calling

Step 2 - Add your Contacts

When adding contacts you are given the flexibility to choose the route quality being either 'Economy' or 'High Quality' for selected destinations. Before selecting your route quality you are advised of comparative rates available for both routes. Due to us not wanting to compromise on call quality not all destinations have this option therefore if you are not given a choice, your route quality will be automatically set to 'High Quality'. Furthermore you can register up to 10 different numbers to dial from, meaning you can access your DCC account from your mobile phone, your home landline, your office phone - any handset as long as you have registered it to your account!
Step 2 for Calling

Step 3 - Make your Calls

Dial the unique access number associated with the international number in your phonebook and make HUGE savings. It's that simple!
Step 3 for Calling

Once Registered, if you wish to do it the 'old' way you can still use the following method:
  • Ensure you have credit in your account
  • Dial the DCC Universal Access Number (0161 461 6677)
  • At prompt, enter your PIN
  • At prompt, enter international number, starting with 00 and country code
  • You will now be connected so you can make your cheap, high quality call to
    virtually anywhere in the world.
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